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About Us

Our brand, Kaatskill Meets NYC, was inspired by the landscape, history and biodiversity of the Catskill Mountains.  We were especially inspired by the Hudson River School, a distinctive and vibrant movement devoted to the depiction of untamed American scenery as a symbol of America’s independent spirit and an expression of national identity.  The use of pink grapefruit and tuberose, elements originally found in the Americas, was based upon the Hudson River School’s pursuit to express national identity. Our goal is to educate people on how perfumery is capable of creating a real yet intangible art form, like a symphony or a painting.  Perfumery does this through complex molecular structures which are suspended in the invisible realm.  These particles are then caught by our sense of smell, olfaction and according to their size and complexity, are breathed inside ourselves, effecting us in some way.  The concept and creative process of the project, is similar in its conception to that of painting, music, sculptures, etc. Both of our perfumes are gender blind and are compatible with each other, like a Yin and Yang relationship.

Falls of the Kaaterskill by Thomas Cole