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Sleepy Hollow Extrait de Parfum


Sleepy Hollow Extrait de Parfum


The extrait de parfum, was inspired by the animals a part of the ecosystem of the Catskill area. We are passionate about the awareness and preservation of the biodiversity surrounding the Catskills and we hope to achieve this through the creation of a perfume which imitates animal warmth, intimacy, softness and hibernation. The extrait de perfume represents all animals that inhabit the Catskill Mountains and the role that each one of them play to establish balance in nature. The scent was designed based upon the Minimalism Movement, where the intentions were to expose the essentials or identity of a subject. The perfume behaves like an introvert who possesses a quiet, strong, animal magnetism, a special scent, or a magnetic field that reaches out and calls for skin interaction.

Intimate, sensually introverted, animalistic and minimalistic. The perfume is geared toward individuals who embrace their sensuality and those who prefer a deep yet subtle fragrance that will expose its magic up close. 



- Tuberose 

- Pink Grapefruit

- Fresh Herbaceous chord

- Smokey chord

- Oud