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Kaaterskill Extrait de Parfum

Kaaterskill Extrait de Parfum

 The extrait de parfum, was inspired by the landscape of the Catskill Mountains. An integral part of the concept was The Hudson River School of Painting, a nineteenth century movement of landscape artists who separated themselves from the European artistic conventions and developed an uniquely American vision of humankind's spiritual connection to nature. The paintings largely depict scenes where human beings and nature coexist peacefully. The perfume takes you inside an emerald forest, where the night falls turning the atmosphere dark and smokey and inhabited by mysterious whispering voices. The perfume is alive and territorial, expanding the individual personality across the environment making others sense its wild yet sophisticated manor. 

It is a maximalist idea. It illustrates a detailed landscape in an emerald forest which turns into a dark, mysterious night. The perfume acts territorial, expanding the individual personality across the environment. This perfume is for those who are not afraid of assertive scents. It caters to those who want to maximize on their personality, those who love sophistication and want to expand their aura while enveloping others on a green and noir adventure. 




 Pink Grapefruit

 Smokey chord